Our mission is to offer our clients the most creative use of existing conditions, budget and time; while honoring the desired aesthetics, programmatic needs, social considerations, and the well-being of the natural environment. 

TBE Architecture - Sonoma City Hall

TBE Architecture was founded in the spring of 2016 by Ray Willett. Ray’s career as a designer began in the USAF where he served as a Graphics Specialist at the Tactical Fighter Weapons Centre at Nellis AFB in Las Vegas. Ray continued his graphics career as a civilian until 1997 when he moved from Las Vegas to Seattle. “Arriving in Seattle, I was looking for a job and a place to live. I found both at the Seward Apartments.” This two-year effort to personally restore a turn-of-the-century apartment building on Capitol Hill was the catalyst that led Ray to return to school to pursue a Master’s degree in Architecture.

“Having just completed the Seward Apartments I was keen to work more in Historic Preservation, so the Savannah College of Art and Design was a natural next step. Over the summer breaks I worked as a carpenter on numerous historic buildings in the city, and with Architect John McAvoy. While class was in session my attention shifted, more and more, to the role of the built environment in relationship to the overall sustainability of life as we know it on this planet. My research shifted while at SCAD, I began looking at a built environment where buildings and infrastructure work together to become an intelligent resource network that could be used collectively in symbiotic relationships.”

Throughout his career, Ray’s objective has remained the same, “to work with a team of designers practicing ‘best-of-era’ design, and to continue engaging architecture’s role in the long term sustainability of this planet and its’ diversity.” Architecture is a team effort requiring the vision of the owner, the input of numerous consultants, the constraints of site, zoning and code related issues, and the inevitability of the unexpected. Working together to find the opportunities within all of the constraints, it is the role of the architect to coordinate these efforts and disparate requirements to find the most appropriate forms, systems, and ethos that defines ‘best-of-era.’

Ray has over 20 years experience in Construction and Architecture and has worked at California firms; RossDrulisCusenbery and STRATAap in Sonoma, and Safdie Rabines Architects in San Diego.

TBE is a member of the National Cannabis Industry Association and the California Cannabis Industry Association.

Ray Willett

AIA | LEEDAP - CA C35917

Ryan Stucka