The first step of any project is understanding what the jurisdiction the project located in will allow you to do. Both residential and commercial projects are governed by local zoning and development codes.

The best time to come see us is as early as possible. We can help you determine if a project is feasible on a given site for your project, before you make your investment. If you already have property and would like to develop it to it’s highest potential, we can help there too.


TBE provides full design services to our clients by getting to know them and the users of each project. Based upon the project typology, TBE will progress through formal and informal information gathering to set project parameters.
Our goal is to allow evidenced based decisions to such factors as: site location and characteristics, program or user group, budget, environmental, aesthetics, etc., guide our processes. From this "envelope" of possibility, we can then find the appropriate form.


During the planning and documentation phases, TBE coordinates our work with the work of project consultants and acts as the team project manager; bringing the client's project requirements together with project constraints to develop the submittals and construction documents (instruments of service) for the project.

During construction, TBE represents our clients to ensure the appropriate contractors are selected and that the project is built as intended.


On and off world applications.


The closest we can get to actual manifestation without magic.


TBE supports our local business as they transition to the legal market.

TBE has worked in numerous jurisdictions and with various local, county and state agencies; DSA, OSFM, CEQA and others.

Building Information Modeling [BIM] and technology: TBE licenses and uses current versions of AUTODESK REVIT as well as the entire AEC Collection. Rendering engines: Lumion and VRay. TBE maintains licenses of Adobe Creative Suite and other software for use in production of our work.

Additional Services: LEED Certification, Facility Support Service, 3D CG Renderings, walk-through and presentations. Branding and Graphics. Industrial Design. Other services as needed.