Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs), Granny Flats & Quarantine Huts

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The Napa Valley Community Foundation and the Community Foundation Sonoma County have announced a partnership with jurisdictions in Napa and Sonoma Counties to promote Accessory Dwelling Units. This partnership has resulted in The ADU Center of Napa and Sonoma County. Resources available at The ADU Center’s website include:  ADU Workbook, ADU Calculator, and spotlights of your Napa and Sonoma County neighbors who have built ADUs.

The center also offers an excellent Address Look-Up Tool to help you see what you’re eligible to build on your specific property. Check out the ADU Center of Napa and Sonoma and give us a call for a free consultation.

Check out our PROJECTS page for example of our work. 

Image of “Types of ADUs” courtesy of The ADU Center of Napa and Sonoma – all others by TBE