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Bango Distribution is applying for a Conditional Use Permit to operate a cannabis storefront and delivery dispensary, Elyon Chico™, to distribute cannabis goods, including Bango cannabis products, directly to consumers. The proposed dispensary will be located at 395 E 20th St., Chico. The parcel is zoned CC and has the assessor parcel number 005-240-002. On the parcel is an existing 15,000 square foot building that had previously been a skateboard factory which closed down leaving the building vacant for the past XX years. The proposed dispensary will occupy approximately 4000 square feet of the 15,000 square foot building. The rest of the building will be developed into office spaces and leased out. The entrance to the dispensary will be located at the front of the building on the corner of Fair St. and E. 20th St. Customers will exit the dispensary from the rear of the dispensary through an exit only door leading directly to the parking lot.

The project site is located in an area of the city of Chico which has been designated as an opportunity site, specifically this site is located in “The Wedge” or site #12. In it’s report, the City of Chico describes this area as being underutilized with good infrastructure, and recognizes the location as an opportunity for mixed-use development including commercial mixed uses…will provide employment opportunities. By developing the site as a cannabis dispensary, Bango Distribution believes the project will be aligned with the City of Chico’s goals and objectives for this opportunity site.